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23rd May 2018 

'The Gardening Therapist'

Having grown up in Africa, I have always loved being outdoors and I am fully aware of the effects that it can have on our body and mind. It is important to feel the earth between our toes and fingers and personally, it helps me to feel ‘grounded’.

About Me. Rose2

The Feel Good Factor and our greatest source of Vitamin D which we need to help regulate the way our body uses calcium to ensure our bones, muscles and teeth remain strong.
So good for us, both physically and mentally. A few hours in the garden or a brisk walk can be both therapeutic and mentally rewarding.
‘Take Time to Smell the Roses’. Apparently, the scent of flowers bypasses our conscious mind, with smell being our most direct sense. It can instantly change our emotions and trigger memories, as well as lower the heart rate and reduce stress.


1999 - Practitioner Course in Reflexology under the tutorship of Andrew James.

2014 - Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5) with Susie Jennings, School of Reflexology

2015 - Natural Lift Face Massage (Facial Rejuvenation), Gateway Workshops


Functional Reflex Therapy (Reflexology Therapy for Autism), Lorraine Senior
Mindful Reflexology with Sally Earlam, Sally Earlam Reflexology
Calm Technique (Palliative Care) with Sue Evans, Principal of Inspira Academy
Pain Management with Carol Samuel, ReflexMaster
Spinal Reflexology with Louise Keet, London School of Reflexology
The 'Art of Foot Reading' - Jane Sheehan


Visual Reflexology, Angela Telford
Introduction to Nerve Reflexology, Nico Pauly
Introduction to Reflexology & Cancer Care, Dr Peter Mackereth
Introduction to Menopause, Meridians and Hand Reflexology, Geraldine Giles
Presentation on Cancer, Radiotherapy and Complementary Therapies